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Windows 11 Pro 32/64 Bit 1PC Lifetime License Key

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Windows 11

If you are the everyday home user with the basic needs of email, Facebook, Twitter, grocery lists, and your usual high school or college research paper, then Windows 11 Home is the perfect edition for you, you don’t need to continue reading this. But if you looked at Windows 11 Home and realized that you needed a little more in your operating system, then this is the system for you. Windows 11 Pro is designed for power users and businesses with needs that your’ average everyday user doesn’t even need to consider. Pro comes equipped with all the things that multifaceted users could possibly need. The user that needs this system runs a business and a household 24/7, with multiple employees, offices, and kids that all need monitoring.

It is the perfect edition for the small to the mid-size business owner or the complex, self-employed power users that need to link all their information, clients, and sensitive files and keep it all safe. This operating system comes with all the basics of the trusted Home edition and adds all the security, compatibility, and connectivity that businesses trust to protect all their sensitive information.

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As stated earlier, Windows 11 Pro comes with all the features of the Home edition and adds the best and most sophisticated business features available for retail sale. Windows 11 Home edition came with 20 brand new features (like Cortana, the rebirth of the Start menu, Microsoft Edge just to name a few) and the extras in Pro just knock it out of the park.

  • Domain Join. This feature also includes Azure Active Directory (this feature is for single sign-on to cloud services). This feature allows for the registration of all users and devices that run Windows 11 Pro and have the proper authorization to the central database. These devices include printers, security controls, computers, and user accounts. That central database is just one or more computers designated for the overseeing of the domain.
  • Group Policy Management. This feature centralizes the management and configuration of the operating system, apps, and all the user settings. This configuration can be so specific that it can limit particular app publishers or certain versions.
  • BitLocker. This is the full disk encryption program included in 11 Pro. This encrypts entire drives of information and gives three different authentication modes. Transparent Operation Mode. This maintains the encrypted information as hidden until proper boot by the user. User Authentication Mode. This is the users’ ability to use a PIN or password in order to access the encrypted information. USB Key Mode. This is the case where the authorized user has a USB flash drive that acts as a key to access information.
  • Remote Desktop. This is the ability to remotely connect and control another device.
  • Device Guard. By creating code integrity policies to govern Device Guard, it will function in two modes. Apps, plug-ins, and add-ons are blocked unless previously specified; or All apps, plug-ins, and add-ons are trusted unless previously specified
  • Hyper-V. This gives the user the ability to section off a portion of the hard drive as a virtual PC. This allows for the building and testing off apps and software that won’t jeopardize the actual machine.
  • Enterprise Mode. This is a mode on your internet browser that mirrors older versions of the browser so that compatibility isn’t an issue across various versions.
  • Updates. This operating system allows for the scheduling of updates for off-business hours so that it doesn’t affect daily productivity.

Why does your business need 11Pro? This version offers all the extra features that a modern business needs to properly conduct its day-to-day dealings and communications with ease. It has key security upgrades that allow the business and its customers to feel safe in knowing that the business is doing all that it can to guarantee file and information security. It gives a large amount of flexibility so that the user/business is able to customize the operating system so they can make the system fit their needs. It also gives the user/business state-of-the-art connectivity capabilities so that your help desk can be one of the best.



These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Edition 64-bit

  • Processor. 1 Gigahertz or faster
  • RAM. 1 Gigabyte for the 32-bit version and 2 Gigabytes for the 64-bit version
  • Hard Disk Space. 16 Gigabytes for the 32-bit and 20 Gigabytes for the 64-bit
  • Graphics. DirectX9 or later with a WDDM 1.0 drive (some games and apps may require an upgraded graphics card for optimal performance and graphics)
  • Display. 1024×600
  • Cortana. This feature is only supported in the U.S., UK, China, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.
  • Encryption. PC with InstantGo and TPM 2.0
  • BitLocker. TPM 1.2, 2.0, or USB Flash Drive (BitLocker ToGo requires a USB flash drive for encryption)
  • Hyper-V. SLAT capabilities and an additional 2 Gigabytes of RAM

Windows 11 Product Key 64 Bit

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